Canciones con armónica en G (Sol)

Listado de canciones con las que puedes buscar por artista, tocadas con una armónica en G. Puedes revisar más temas en otras tonalidades, en los links de abajo:


      Artista Canción
      Alan Glen (Dr Feelgood) Wine, Women and Whiskey
      Billy Branch Evil
      Brendan Power Kesh Jig Set
      Brownie McGhee/Sonny Terry Confusion
      Buddy Greene Angeline, The Baker_Bonaparte's Retreat
      Butterfield Blues Band Born Under A Bad Sign
      Carlos Del Junco Amazing Grace
      Carlos Del Junco Bailey's Bounce
      Carlos del Junco Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Head (12th position - song key C)
      Carlos del Junco Forty Four
      Carlos Del Junco Movin' Down The River Rhine
      Carlos del Junco No Fool Horse
      Carlos del Junco Ribbon of Darkness
      Dave Barrett In Memory
      Erroll Lynton Too Many Cooks
      Gary Smith Tribute To Jnr
      George Smith Got My Mojo Working
      Giles Robson Hometown
      Grant Dermody Crossing Over
      Grant Dermody Tree of Life
      Greg Szlapczynski Lou's Boogaloo
      Hazmat Modine Lost Fox Train
      Howlin' Wolf I Ain't Superstitious
      Ian Briggs Easy
      James Cotton Blues In My Sleep (mainly 2nd position)
      James Cotton Play With Your Poodle
      James Harman Stranger blues
      James Harman Band Rambler's Blues (1st position)
      Jason Ricci Jason Solo
      Jason Ricci Just Enough
      Jean Jacques Milteau Aa booghee
      Jean Jacques Milteau Fishing Blues
      Jean Jacques Milteau Jurong Bird Park
      Jean Jacques Milteau l'internationale
      Jean Jacques Milteau Lonesome train
      Jean Jacques Milteau Memphis
      Jean Jacques Milteau Routes
      Jean Jacques Milteau Tennesse Fried Chicken
      Jefferson Gonacalves Rolling Along
      Joan Pau Cumellas Harmonica Rag (1st position)
      Joan Pau Cumellas Sugar Sweet
      Joan Pau Cumellas & Miguel Talavera Rollin' And Tumbling
      Joan Pau Cumellas & Miguel Talavera Trinity Lane
      Joan Pau Cumellas & Miguel Talavera Zapallo
      Joe Filisko 1st Position Medley (1st position)
      Joe Filisko Lost John_Fox Chase Medley
      Joe Filisko Mean Low Blues
      Joe Filisko & Eric Noden Busy Man
      Joe Filisko & Eric Noden Leadfoot Stomp
      Junior Wells We're Ready (3rd position)
      Kim Wilson Trust My Baby (1st position)
      Lee McBee I Been Abused
      Little Charlie & The Nightcats Crawling Kingsnake
      Little Walter Flying Saucer (& chromatic)
      Little Walter Last Night
      Little Walter You Don't Know
      Little Walter You're Sweet (3rd position)
      Little Walter (Muddy Waters) You Gonna Need My Help
      Madcat Ruth I Know You Rider
      Magic Dick (J Geils Band) Cruisin' For A Love (1st position)
      Magic Dick (J Geils Band) Too Young To Die
      Mark Feltham Backwater Blues
      Mark Graham Cumberland Gap
      Mark Graham Half Shaved
      Mat Bezants & Adam Franklin Tryin' To Make A Living (1st position)
      Muddy Waters Caledonia (1st position)
      Muddy Waters I'm Ready
      Muddy Waters Twenty Four Hours
      Norton Buffalo Song For Jessica
      Papa Lightfoot Mean Old Train
      Papa Lightfoot When The Saints
      Papa Lightfoot Wine, Women and Whiskey
      Paul Butterfield Nut Popper #1
      Paul Butterfield Poor Boy
      Paul Butterfield Take Me Back Baby
      Paul DeLay Ain't That Right
      Paul Lamb Evening Sun
      Paul Lamb Far, Far, Away
      Paul Lamb John Henry Jumps In
      Paul Lamb Jumpin' Little Judy
      Paul Lamb Madison Blues
      Peetie Wheatstraw You Can't Stop Me From Drinkin' (1st position)
      PT Gazell & Brendan Power Dill Pickle Rag
      Rhythm Willie And His Gang Boarding House Blues
      RJ Mischo Pull
      Rod Piazza Con_Vo_Looted
      Rod Piazza And The Mighty Flyers Clap Your Hands
      Roy Rogers and Norton Buffallo You're gonna need somebody on you
      Sam Hinton Eighth of January
      Sonny Boy Williamson II 99
      Sonny Boy Williamson II One Room Cabin
      Sonny Boy Williamson II Trust My Baby (1st position)
      Sonny Boy Williamson II Your Funeral & My Trial
      Steve Baker Damn Good Run
      Steve Baker Doublecrossed And Blue (3rd position)
      The James Harman Band Leavin' For Memphis
      Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt Backdoor Boogie
      Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt Better off with the Blues
      Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt Goin' Down Slow
      Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt Motherless Child
      Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt Talk to me Baby
      Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt Walkin' Blues
      Various Artists Hep Cats In Big Town
      Various Artists Since We've Been Together
      Wade Schuman Lost Fox Train(For Joe)
      Walter Horton Big Walter's Boogie
      Walter Horton Christine
      Walter Horton Cotton Patch Hot Foot
      Walter Horton Hobo Blues
      Walter Horton In The Mood
      Walter Horton Joe Chicago
      Walter Horton Shakey's Blues
      War Southern Part of Texas
      William Clarke Blues Afterwhile
      William Clarke Blowin' The Family Jewels (3rd position)
      William Clarke Cash Money


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